Chuck Norris Shows His Love for the Worldnetdaily

Chuck Norris Shows His Love for the Worldnetdaily February 10, 2015

The Worldnetdaily is terribly excited because Chuck Norris has apparently decided — or been forced to decide — that his weekly column full of breathtaking stupidity will appear only on that site and not on other internet sites. They practically squee over the prospect, calling it a valentine to WND.

Legendary martial-arts champion, action star, humanitarian and political commentator Chuck Norris has reaffirmed his longstanding commitment to WND by entering into an exclusive publication arrangement for his popular weekly “Cultural Warrior” column, beginning the week of Feb. 14.

“WND has always been an important environment for expressing my social and political views,” Norris said of the announcement. “Joseph Farah was first to give me the opportunity to become a weekly columnist, and exposure on his prestigious site as well as his encouragement helped establish me in what was a new role for me.”

“This was Chuck Norris’ idea and decision all the way,” said Joseph Farah, the founder of WND. “Of course, from my perspective, I welcomed the decision because of the extra value it brings to WND. I think it’s fair to say that WND and Chuck Norris have a special relationship.”

Wow, how…utterly irrelevant. So his columns won’t appear at Townhall and Human Events anymore, only at WND. Same old stupid, just available in fewer places. I’m so happy for you, WND. You do indeed have a “special relationship.”

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