Star Parker: Obama Committed ‘Verbal Rape’ at Prayer Breakfast

Star Parker: Obama Committed ‘Verbal Rape’ at Prayer Breakfast February 10, 2015

Okay folks, we have a winner. As the wingnuts fall all over themselves trying to give the most idiotic and hyperbolic overreaction to President Obama’s entirely accurate remarks about religious violence at the National Prayer Breakfast, Star Parker has won. It’s over. No one will top this:

“It was verbal rape. Frankly, what the president did was verbal rape,” Parker said. “He stole all the energy in the room. He stole from all of us. He stole the momentum in the room, he stole from our country, he stole from the world.”

Explaining that those in the room had already been dealing in what she called weak interfaith “sippy soup,” Parker said Obama “reduced that whole meeting to meaninglessness.”

“This is what we were doing in this room, all this prayer, all these people, and then the president gets up and totally politicizes it,” she said. “It was verbal rape. You could feel the energy leave the room because he is so adamant about his secular humanism. These are certainly big questions, but he reduced that whole meeting to meaninglessness. It was just bad.”

I think I just got a verbal Ebola virus from hearing that. Maybe even verbal bubonic plague or verbal Nazism.

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