A Hilarious Dave Daubenmire Rant

A Hilarious Dave Daubenmire Rant February 11, 2015

“Coach” Dave Daubenmire filled in as the host of Linda Harvey’s radio show, which is a giant step sideways if ever there was one. Both are about equally unhinged in their bigotry toward gay people. Daubenmire went on a hilarious rant about Satan’s “homosexual mafia” that wants to “crush your skull.”

“My crime was I am bold enough to say — as Linda Harvey is — bold enough to say that homosexuality is sin, homosexuality is a deviant lifestyle, homosexuality is destroying the culture,” Daubenmire said. “I was bold enough to stand up and say that and let me tell you something: Satan’s got himself a church, he’s got a church for sure and they don’t back up and they don’t back down and they don’t give a quarter and they don’t stop until they crush your skull. It’s supposed to be the other way around, isn’t it? Isn’t the seed of the woman supposed to crush the skull of the serpent? Why does this battle seem to be going the other way so much? What’s going on folks?”

He said that the “gates of hell” are now prevailing in America: “The Devil seems to be capturing turf that does not belong to him. Marriage used to be the bailiwick, the property, the ownership of the church, it used to belong to the church and we’ve yielded it to the homosexual mafia, the gay lobby in the interest of being fair…when did one’s sin get the right to fairness over others?”

Religio-babble bigotry. Perfect.

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