Limbaugh’s Bizarre Reaction to Domestic Violence PSA

Limbaugh’s Bizarre Reaction to Domestic Violence PSA February 11, 2015

During the Grammy awards there was a short segment devoted to the subject of domestic violence and sexual assault (must have been awkward if Chris Brown was there). It included recorded remarks by President Obama urging artists to speak out against those things. You’d think this would be uncontroversial and universally lauded, but not for the right wing:

Obama said on the show that more than 25 percent of U.S. women has experienced domestic violence, and that nearly 20 percent has either been raped or been the victim of a rape attempt. His short pre-recorded statement was followed by remarks from activist and domestic violence survivor Brooke Axtell.

“It’s not okay. And it has to stop,” Obama said on Sunday. “Artists have a unique power to change minds and attitudes. And get us thinking and talking about what matters.”…

“This would also mean that, if Obama is right and 25 percent of American women have experienced domestic violence, then 39.51 million women in the country — which is more than the population of California — are victims of such violence,” Limbaugh said.

Okay. And therefore….what, exactly? “That’s a really big number, I don’t think it’s true” is not exactly a compelling argument.

Instead, he said “modern feminism” had fueled “the notion that men are predators and that all men are predators, that’s their natural state and women are at high risk every day of their lives in this country. And Obama is now throwing gasoline on that fire and using totally made up statistics.”

Nope, not made up. Backed up by multiple studies, including a recent one from the Centers for Disease control based on interviews with 12,000 people. Oh, I know Limbaugh wants those statistics to be made up. I’m sure his braindead listeners do too. But it’s not.

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