McFarland: Obama’s Prayer Breakfast Reality ‘Borderline Treasonous’

McFarland: Obama’s Prayer Breakfast Reality ‘Borderline Treasonous’ February 11, 2015

Okay, I thought Star Parker’s hysterically overblown reaction to President Obama’s simple statement of fact that much bloodshed and oppression had been justified by Christianity was the dumbest thing anyone would say on the matter. I really should know better by now. Alex McFarland, you’re up:

Dr. Alex McFarland, a Christian apologist and co-host of American Family Radio’s “Exploring the Word” program, says the president’s words are unthinkable and “borderline treasonous, really.”

“To compare Christianity to the crimes of Islam is absolutely unacceptable,” Dr. McFarland asserts. “Islam in its sacred writings prescribes violence against non-believers; the Bible does not. Mohammad ordered the killings of his enemies; Jesus Christ never did that.”

Actually, the Bible contains lots and lots of verses commanding violence against non-believers. Hell, all non-believers even burn in hell for all eternity, according to the Bible. McFarland surely knows this, though I’m sure he’s got some sort of rationalization for why that doesn’t count — just like lots of Muslims do to dismiss such commands in the Quran.

See, if violence is justified by Christianity, that just means that the person committing the violence doesn’t understand Christianity and is No True Christian. Of course, those Christians who support the use of violence say the same thing about them. And when a Muslim makes the same argument about Muslims who commit violence, those Christians who say this find that absolutely absurd and can’t believe anyone could believe such a thing. Motivated reasoning FTW.

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