Brownback Pulls LGBT Protections for Kansas State Employees

Brownback Pulls LGBT Protections for Kansas State Employees February 12, 2015

Sam Brownback is every bit as much of an anti-gay bigot as governor of Kansas as he was when he was a U.S. Senator, it seems. He has issued an executive order withdrawing discrimination protection for LGBT state employees. He announced it with this statement:

“This Executive Order ensures that state employees enjoy the same civil rights as all Kansans without creating additional ‘protected classes’ as the previous order did,” Governor Brownback said. “Any such expansion of ‘protected classes’ should be done by the legislature and not through unilateral action. The order also reaffirms our commitment to hiring, mentoring and recognizing veterans and individuals with disabilities.”

A weak attempt to make it sound as though he’s acting on principle when he’s really just trying to harm gay people on the grounds that his barbaric God doesn’t like them. And it’s a rather obvious lie. LGBT people don’t have “the same civil rights as all Kansans” because they can be fired or denied service by a business merely for who they are.

As a Christian, Brownback can’t be fired from a job due to his religion. A business can’t refuse to serve someone because they’re black. They can’t be denied the right to rent a house because they’re too old, or Muslim, or even atheist. But if they’re gay, they have none of those protections.

There was a tiny little protection just for gay employees of the state. It prevented the government from engaging in discrimination. And Brownback just rescinded that and is telling gay people, “We can fire you just for being gay. And then he pretends that his position is a principled one.

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