Christian Right Laywer Tries to Buck Up the Troops

Christian Right Laywer Tries to Buck Up the Troops February 12, 2015

For the past year or so, I’ve been greatly amused watching the anti-gay bigots pretend that they’ve still got a legitimate chance of preventing gay people from getting married. Even if the Supreme Court rules against it, I think it’s still virtually inevitable, it would just be delayed. Mario Diaz, an attorney with Concerned Women for America, does his best to buck up the troops as they’re clearly losing the battle:

A recent AP-GfK Poll on same-sex marriage presents to us a very different picture of this issue in America than what the elites in the liberal media, academia, government and especially Hollywood would have us believe.

When asked which way the United States Supreme Court should rule on its upcoming same-sex marriage cases, the country seems to be evenly divided, 48 to 48.

Wait. I thought “everyone” supported same-sex marriage. Don’t “they” tell us that only a fringe group holds on to the old idea that marriage is between one man and one woman before God in a commitment for life?

That’s a lovely strawman being beaten up. No one says that everyone supports same-sex marriage, but this particular poll is an outlier. Most polls over the last year or two show support for marriage equality at around 55%, with about 40% opposed and the rest undecided. And the trend is clearly on the side of equality. A decade ago it was more like 75-25 opposed to marriage equality. The change of public opinion has been remarkably fast.

But even if that weren’t the case, so what? It’s the Supreme Court dealing with this now, not a legislature, and they don’t have to worry about being elected to office. They’re appointed for life and thus insulated from the influence of public opinion.

The same-sex marriage inevitability myth is just that, a fantasy. It is just a tool the elite use to try to discourage supporters of marriage and win the argument by default. Even when the question of support for same-sex marriage was asked apart from the Supreme Court case, not even half, only 44 percent, support it. Thirty nine opposed it, and 15 percent stayed neutral.

That is hardly an “inevitability” picture. It is certainly a very different picture than what they show us on television and the laws that liberal politicians continue to ram through our legislatures.

You just keep telling yourself that, Mario.

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