Fischer: Roy Moore = Martin Luther King

Fischer: Roy Moore = Martin Luther King February 12, 2015

Even as someone who chronicles the bizarro world in which the Christian right thinks they live on a daily basis, sometimes one of them says something so galactically idiotic that it even leaves my jaw agape. Bryan Fischer is often the one to do it and here he does it again:

Fischer laughably asserted that it is the federal judge, not Moore, “who is standing in the courthouse doorway … in defiance of both the law and the Constitution,” before praising Moore and the probate judges who are refusing to grant marriage licenses to gay couples as the heirs of MLK.

“What Judge Moore and these probate judges are doing is in the finest tradition of Martin Luther King, Jr.,” he said. “They are waging the civil rights battle of this decade, using nonviolent protest to do it.”

In the bizarro world of Planet Wingnuttia, Christians are the victims of gay oppression and discrimination and bigots are the heroes bravely fighting against those things. The mind fucking boggles.


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