Jeffress: Gay Marriage Sign of the Last Days

Jeffress: Gay Marriage Sign of the Last Days February 12, 2015

Robert Jeffress, a raging bigot and Southern Baptist megapreacher, says that same-sex marriage is “the greatest sign of the end times that we see in our country right now.” Oh, and abortion. And everything else he doesn’t like, of course. Everything bad is a sign of the end times.

“I think the greatest sign of the End Times that we see in our country right now is the increasing moral disorder in our country that we’re seeing played out in our culture right now,” the prominent Southern Baptist pastor said. “Especially in the realm of gay marriage. What was thought to be unbelievable just 10 or 20 years ago, our culture is now celebrating. A perversion that was once condemned is now celebrated.”

Jeffress went on to warn that the Supreme Court will most likely strike down all the gay marriage bans in America relatively soon and then gay activists “will not rest, these extremists, until they make us all bow down and bless what God has called a perversion.”

The Bible warns, Jeffress said, that “in the Last Days, there will be no restraint and you see that not only in the acceptance of gay marriage, but also in abortion, you see it in the lawlessness where police officers are gunned down routinely. All of these things are a sign of the Last Days.”

So I’ll once again ask the obvious questions: Then why are you fighting against those things? Isn’t it God’s will as prophecied in the Bible? Isn’t that the necessary step to you being raptured and joining the Lord in heaven? Shouldn’t that be a really, really good thing? Shouldn’t you be celebrating it? Why are you against God’s will? Why do you hate the baby Jesus so much?

Oh, and Fifty Shades of Gray is also a sign of the end times.

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