Obama to Create Special Envoy for LGBT Rights

Obama to Create Special Envoy for LGBT Rights February 12, 2015

President Obama continues to troll the hell out of the right wing, repeatedly doing little things that prompt protest and outrage that have little to do with policy. This time he’s creating a new special envoy to advocate for LGBT rights around the world.

The State Department has forwarded the name of Randy Berry, currently the consul general to the Netherlands, to the White House as the department’s pick to be the United State’s first special envoy for LGBT rights, a source familiar with the deliberation told BuzzFeed News on Friday.

Berry has overseen the United States’ consulates in the Netherlands since 2012, according to his bio on the State Department website…

The post will be a lead spokesperson for promoting LGBT rights around the world, which has become a key priority for the Obama administration, as well as coordinating discussions on the issue within the department.

An unnamed State Department spokesperson told the Boston Globe on Thursday that the Obama administration would create the position.

You can almost hear wingnut heads asploding all over the country, can’t you?

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