Perkins: Gay Marriage Will Send Country ‘Into a Tailspin’

Perkins: Gay Marriage Will Send Country ‘Into a Tailspin’ February 12, 2015

I’m kinda disappointed in Tony Perkins. He’s usually one of the frontrunners in the ongoing contest among Christian right “thinkers” in making the most outlandish and hyperbolic predictions, but the best he can seem to muster about the impending gay marriage ruling is that it would send America “into a tailspin.”

What is the rule of law? In a free society, a democratic society, the rule of law is generated, over all, [by the] Constitution and general consensus. We agree. And when you go too far out, which this administration has and these courts are, it doesn’t work. An unjust law is no law at all.

And they are setting themselves up to lose credibility and put, I believe, our country into a tailspin. Because I’m not going to listen to these courts that are wrong, when they have taken away the rights of the people and just imposed upon this nation a viewpoint that is not shared by a majority of the people. Even if it was, it’s inconsistent with nature itself, certainly inconsistent with scripture.

Really, Tony? That’s it? Come on, man, where are the Hitler analogies? Where is the wholesale destruction of the country, or Western civilization, or the human species itself? Where’s the threats that you big mean invisible friend is going to beat us all up over it? Are you turning soft on me? You better be back to spewing wildly exaggerated bullshit by next week or I’m going to file a complaint with the Universal Brotherhood of Right Wing Douchebags.

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