Reality is Ruining My View of My Own Cynicism

Reality is Ruining My View of My Own Cynicism February 12, 2015

I’ve always viewed myself as a very cynical person, but apparently I’m really, really naive. Because this video leaves me absolutely flabbergasted. I’m amazed at how callous it is. Inside Edition used the brutal murder of three Muslims as a segue to a story about finding a good parking space. Just watch this. You aren’t gonna believe it:

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I know we use “too soon” as a joke, but seriously? They actually did this less than 24 hours after those people were killed. Was there not one fucking person on the production staff that said, “Uh….maybe this isn’t such a good idea”? As my friend Brandon said, it’s like doing a story on the Holocaust to introduce a segment about how to keep your shower clean. Seriously, I want the fuck off this planet now.

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