Casey Luskin Cries Persecution

Casey Luskin Cries Persecution February 13, 2015

It’s been many years since I’ve paid attention to Casey Luskin, the Discovery Institute’s boy wonder, but he showed up in South Dakota to testify in favor of a bill that would have allowed teachers to throw in their own religiously-motivated nonsense in science classes. Because if they can’t do that, they’re being “persecuted” and “censored.”

In addition, the Discovery Institute flew in a spokesman, Casey Luskin, to testify on behalf of the bill, which seems to have been loosely based on the Institute’s model legislation.

Luskin told the committee that while in the days of the Scopes trial teachers were persecuted for teaching evolution, today teachers are being “persecuted” and “censored” for dissenting to “Darwin’s theory and other controversial scientific topics.”

“The old Scopes trial stereotype of teachers fearing persecution for teaching the evidence for evolution has been overturned,” he said. “Today, it’s the teachers and students who are raising questions about modern neo-Darwinian theory who are being stifled.”

You know what it takes to make a scientific topic “controversial”? One person to dispute it. Voila, we have a “controversy.” Is a teacher being “persecuted” and “censored” if they aren’t allowed to teach the “controversy” about whether the earth is spherical or flat? Or if they aren’t allowed to teach the “controversy” over whether the earth revolves around the sun or not? There are lots of religious people who deny the germ theory of disease. Would it be “persecution” and “censorship” to require a teacher to stick to the curriculum rather than bring in Mary Baker Eddy’s writings to deny that illness is caused by microorganisms or genetic defects and the like?

How about if a history teacher decided to teach Holocaust denial? Would it be “persecution” and “censorship” to forbid them from doing so? You see, once you open this Pandora’s box there’s a whole lot more coming out of it than just creationism. Once you allow religious alternatives to be taught, there’s a whole lot of other religions waiting to get their unscientific drivel into schools too.

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