Craig James Thinks Obama’s Going to Stay for Third Term

Craig James Thinks Obama’s Going to Stay for Third Term February 13, 2015

Craig James, a former sportscaster who now works as a spokesperson for the Family Research Council, took calls from several listeners while guest hosting for Tony Perkins claiming that Obama was going to refuse to leave the White House when his 2nd term is up. Rather than telling them that they’re completely full of shit, he agreed with them:

James told one caller, who alleged that the president will “have this country turned over to Islam” in his third term, that Obama does not believe in Jesus Christ.

When speaking to yet another caller who said Obama “will declare a state of emergency, he will do a third term if that’s what it takes to complete the conversion of this country,” James said the third-term conspiracy is “a concern of mine” and pledged to “pass a note along to Tony Perkins,” the president of the FRC, “on how we could escape that.”

“That would be horrible,” James said of third Obama term. “It’s not like we’d have Ronald Reagan staying in office for another year or so while we’re in a state of emergency. It’s not like we’d have someone who really cares about you and me. We’re talking about someone who is there in that office as the leader of the free world, the United States of America, who doesn’t get it. That’s the concern. It fires me up, the thought that the guy can stick around in that office beyond a year and three-quarters. He’s got to be gone. We will follow up on that.”

Hey Craig, I’ll bet you any amount of money you want on it. Or how about this: If Obama stays past inauguration day in 2017, I’ll pay you $10,000. If he doesn’t, you shut the fuck up. Forever.

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