FL School Officially Bans Religious Literature Distribution

FL School Officially Bans Religious Literature Distribution February 13, 2015

After signaling this move for a couple months now, the Orange County School Board has officially changed its policy and will no longer allow outside groups to distribute any literature to students that is of a “religious, political or sectarian nature.”

Orange County students will no longer face the possibility of being offered Satanic coloring books or Bibles between classes under a new policy adopted by the School Board on Tuesday night.

The board has been considering such a change since a group called The Satanic Temple asked last fall for permission to distribute a Satanic coloring book and two fact sheets to Orange students.

But most of the debate Tuesday was over whether the board should ban just religious materials — or those from all outside groups.

“That would be an injustice to groups that provide great programs to our students,” said board chair Bill Sublette, citing Little League, football teams, the YMCA and Boys & Girls Clubs as examples. “Some things are worth fighting for.”

Most of the speakers Tuesday encouraged the board to insulate itself against lawsuits by banning all outside materials…

Board members, who said they are on solid legal ground, voted 7-1 to approve a policy based on those in Miami-Dade and Broward counties, which allow passive distribution of some materials, but nothing that is religious, political or sectarian.

Liberty Counsel says they’re going to sue, claiming that there is a constitutional right to distribute literature in schools, which is an absurd position that won’t make it past a motion for summary judgment.

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