Klingenschmitt: Requiring Govt. Employees to Follow the Law is ‘Slavery’

Klingenschmitt: Requiring Govt. Employees to Follow the Law is ‘Slavery’ February 13, 2015

Tony Perkins may be falling down on the job when it comes to making hyperbolic statements and obnoxious comparisons, but at least I can still count on Gorgon Klingenschmitt to bring the stupid. On his Pray in Jesus’ Name show, he said that forcing government employees to actually treat citizens equally under the law is slavery.

As Klingenschmitt sees it, government workers should have the right to able to opt out of having to “participate in somebody else’s sin” if they are a Christian, asserting that failure to grant such an exemption is a violation of the Constitution’s ban on requiring a religious test to hold public office.

“We do pray against this demonic yoke of slavery,” Klingenschmitt said, “which is being forced by some liberal judges upon the good people of North Carolina … Father I pray that you would enable each individual person in North Carolina, whether they are a private or public servant, that they would retain their right of conscience, they would not be forced and compelled by the government to participate in somebody else’s sin if it violates their religious views. God, give us religious freedom, especially for those now being compelled by the government to sin.”

Right, exactly. Like if a Muslim court clerk believed that believing in Christianity was sinful, it’s slavery to expect him to process paperwork for a court case. If the head of a zoning department thinks being Christian is a sin, they can totally refuse to approve the building of a church. I mean, it would be slavery to require them to do their jobs and treat people equally, amirite? Oh, wait, this applies only to gay people? How surprising.


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