Weber: Gay Marriage ‘Destroying the Foundation of the Family’

Weber: Gay Marriage ‘Destroying the Foundation of the Family’ February 13, 2015

Rep. Randy Weber has a problem. What can you do to get noticed when you’re in Congress and you’re from the same state as Ted Cruz and Louis Gohmert? Do your best to keep up with the Joneses by making incredibly stupid and hyperbolic statements like these:

Weber, who was on “Washington Watch” promoting a bill he wrote that would make it harder for the federal government to recognize same-sex marriages, told James that Americans who oppose marriage equality should urge their state legislatures, county commissions and city councils to “pass resolutions that say, ‘Look, we support the traditional view of marriage, one man and one woman for life.’”

If this happens, he said, “maybe that will be a groundswell where people can get behind this and say, ‘Look, we’re tired of activist judges just systematically destroying the foundation of the family by throwing out a lot of these laws that people have voted for.’”

Excuse me, Congressman Weber…I have a question. Will it destroy the foundation of your family? No? Okay. Will it destroy the foundation of any family you know? No again? Fascinating. So it doesn’t do anything to harm the foundation of any actual families, yet it somehow undermines the foundation of the family. Is that your final answer?

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