League of the South to Celebrate the Lincoln Assassination

League of the South to Celebrate the Lincoln Assassination February 15, 2015

The neo-confederate and thoroughly racist League of the South has decided it would be a great idea to honor John Wilkes Booth and celebrate the assassination of Abraham Lincoln. Because I’m sure that will totally help people see the good side of the organization.

The League of the South looks to the present and future. However, from time to time we do look back at our past.

This 14th of April will mark the 150th anniversary of John Wilkes Booth’s execution of the tyrant Abraham Lincoln. The League will, in some form or fashion, celebrate this event. We remember Booth’s diary entry: “Our country owed all her troubles to him, and God simply made me the instrument of his punishment.” A century and a half after the fact, The League of the South thanks Mr. Booth for his service to the South and to humanity.

So they look to the present and the future in order to figure out how to return to the pre-Civil War past. I’m sure these celebrations of John Wilkes Booth being God’s instrument in killing Lincoln will be a real hootenanny. The party won’t be black tie only, it will be white sheet only.

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