Jamila Bey on MSNBC

Jamila Bey on MSNBC February 16, 2015

FTB colleague and dear friend Jamila Bey was on MSNBC with Chris Hayes after the shooting of three Muslims by an atheist in Chapel Hill, North Carolina to discuss the question of whether atheists should condemn such violent acts or not.

I think the key distinction is that there’s no need to apologize for it (it isn’t our fault), but it should be condemned. And we should take the opportunity to do some self-reflection on the issue of Islamophobia and what we can do to combat it while still absolutely defending the right to criticize Islam and every other religion (every idea, for that matter). There are important distinctions to be made here and important discussions that need to be had.

And seriously, if atheism is going to have a “public face,” I’d be more than happy if it were Jamila. So intelligent, so eloquent, so reasonable and so human. Love her, love her, love her.

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