Republican Legislator: We Don’t Need No Education Funding

Republican Legislator: We Don’t Need No Education Funding February 16, 2015

On my old blog I used to do something called the Dumbass Quote of the Day. If I revived it, this would make a perfect example. A Republican state legislator in Virginia says there’s no need to adequately fund higher education because Socrates taught Plato “on a rock.”

“I’ve taught for the past 18 years at the college level, and before got a Masters and Ph.D. and all that,” Rep. Brat began. The greatest thinkers in Western civ[ilization] were not products of education policy.”

“Socrates trained Plato on a rock,” he continued. “The Plato trained Aristotle, roughly speaking, on a rock.”

“So, huge funding is not necessary to achieve the greatest minds and the greatest intellects in history. With that said, we do face huge challenges.”

Those challenges were, for Brat, less about education and more about economics. “You have kids coming out of the high school system, and if you ask them what a business is, we’d be challenged to get a good answer,” he said…

“Our kids don’t know what a business is when they graduate from high school,” he concluded, “and they need to know that.”

I don’t suppose you have any, like, evidence that high school graduates “don’t know what a business is,” do you? You do realize that every public school in Virginia has a course in Economics and Personal Finance, right? Do you think they don’t teach what a business is in that class? Do you think that every high school graduate is as stupid as you are, congressman?

"Thanks for being so forthright."

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