Farah and Peterson Tell Christians What They Have to Do

Farah and Peterson Tell Christians What They Have to Do February 17, 2015

On Monday morning there were two columns at the Worldnetdaily. Joseph Farah had a column with the headline “Christian? Time to Choose Boldly.” Jesse Lee Peterson’s headline was “Christians, It’s Time to Face Your Illusions.” Farah warns of a “life and death choice” they must make, while Peterson wants them to find the “courage to stand up to evil.” They’re about as absurd as you would predict. Farah:

What’s going on in our world today?

Across the planet, we see people being faced with death because of their faith – from Europe to Africa to the Middle East. Roving bands of hate-filled marauders rape, loot, torture, plunder and kill in the name of Allah – with a special focus on Jews and Christians.

That hate has come to the United States, too. It visited us on Sept. 11, 2001, and drew us into wars that proved fruitless to stop it.

But that hate comes in other forms as well.

It’s expressing itself right now in America in judicial tyranny that coerces believers to involve themselves in activity their faith deems evil and immoral.

Ah yes, hordes of reactionary Muslim marauders killing Christians (and their fellow Muslims, and atheists, and anyone else that isn’t in lockstep with them). And “that hate has come to the United States” in the form of…the advancement of gay marriage, which those Muslim marauders despite even more than Farah does. Joe, those marauders are on your side on this one. The only difference is one of tactics, not ideology.

Peterson is no less dishonest:

One evil man had the audacity to attack Christianity and defend Islam in the midst of 3,500 Christians at the recent National Prayer Breakfast.

No reasonable person with middle school-level reading comprehension skills could possibly hear what Obama said at the National Prayer Breakfast and believe that he “attacked Christianity” and “defended Islam.” He called ISIS a barbaric death cult. That’s defending them? But you see, Jesse Lee Peterson is simply not a reasonable person, he’s a far-right, fanatical theocrat — just like those Muslim terrorists he falsely claims Obama was defending.

There’s this childish, cartoonish “logic” going on here and it is incredibly common on the Christian right. It goes like this:

Muslims are evil people.

Gays are evil people.

Liberals are evil people.

Therefore, Muslims, gays and liberals are all part of a single cabal trying to destroy us.

Again, not a claim any rational person would make, but we are not dealing with rational people here.

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