Staver: Christians Silenced by Non-Existent Laws

Staver: Christians Silenced by Non-Existent Laws February 17, 2015

Liberty Counsel is boldly standing up for the right of government officials to pick and choose which citizens they will and won’t serve and which laws will apply to which people, offering to defend any government official who refuses to do their jobs when gay people walk in their offices. And Matt Staver seems rather confused:

Liberty Counsel has filed suit on behalf of magistrates in North Carolina who are being pressured to officiate same-sex “weddings” or face suspension, termination, fines, or prosecution. Our clients have been forced to choose between “deprivation of constitutional rights and continued employment or freedom,” Liberty Counsel told the court in the lawsuit.

“This case reveals the conflicts erupting across the United States as intolerant activists impose their will on the majority of Americans who refuse to participate in same-sex unions,” said Mat Staver, Founder and Chairman of Liberty Counsel. “The same-sex marriage agenda threatens religious liberty and freedom of conscience. Although it is full of rhetoric about tolerance and equal rights, the agenda is anything but tolerant,” Staver added. “Christians and people of faith and values have been silenced through ‘hate speech’ laws. Now, magistrates, pastors, bakers, photographers, business owners, event planners, and others are being forced against their will to celebrate and assist in something against their deeply held religious beliefs.”

No, Christians have not been “silenced through ‘hate speech’ laws for one simple reason: There are no hate speech laws in this country. They do not exist. The phrase “hate speech” is legally meaningless, there is no statute anywhere in this country that provides a hate speech exception to the First Amendment, nor is there any court ruling that has established such an exception. It simply does not exist.

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