Sally Kern Wants OK Students as Dumb As She Is

Sally Kern Wants OK Students as Dumb As She Is February 18, 2015

Our old friend Sally Kern and some of her fellow halfwitted colleagues in the Oklahoma state legislature now want to do away with Advanced Placement classes in high school, especially history, because it doesn’t mention the idiotic idea of American exceptionalism.

Some opponents of Common Core apparently have now turned their guns on Advanced Placement courses.

The legality of teaching Advanced Placement courses in Oklahoma public schools was raised Monday during a House Common Education Committee hearing on a bill aimed at the AP U.S. history guidelines.

That measure, House Bill 1380, by Rep. Dan Fisher, R-Yukon, would direct the state Board of Education to review those guidelines and bar the use of state funds for AP U.S. history courses.

During discussion and debate, however, it was suggested that AP courses are similar to Common Core, in that they could be construed as an attempt to impose a national curriculum on American schools.

It was also suggested that AP courses violate the legislation approved last year that repealed Common Core, with state Rep. Sally Kern, R-Oklahoma City, saying she has asked the state Attorney General’s Office for a ruling on the matter….

Fisher, who has been active in a church-and-state organization called the Black Robe Regiment, said the AP U.S. history course framework emphasizes “what is bad about America.”

Larry Krieger, a teacher who spoke to the committee via conference call, implied that the AP framework was created by some of the same people responsible for Common Core.

Both said the framework omits the concept of “American exceptionalism.”

What is it with these idiots and their obsessive need to have sunshine continually blown up their asses? As with nearly everything else, they think the world contains only two possibilities — America is either the most amazing country in the history of the world and specifically picked by God to be so or you’re a communist who hates America and probably a gay Kenyan Muslim too. And they’re in charge of public policy for an entire state, for crying out loud.

Update: And on Monday, that committee voted 11-4 to ban AP courses from all Oklahoma schools. If the full legislature follows suit and the governor signs it (and she will, as she’s a weapons-grade moron), that would put the brightest kids in Oklahoma at a major disadvantage over kids from other states when it comes to college admissions.

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