E. W. Jackson: America is Terrible! Why Does Obama Blame America?

E. W. Jackson: America is Terrible! Why Does Obama Blame America? February 20, 2015

E.W. Jackson, failed lt. governor candidate in Virginia and a weapons-grade wingnut, held a conference last weekend at which he did the usual right-wing rant that America is turning into a cesspool of immorality and vice while bashing Obama for criticizing America.

Jackson said America suffers from a “lack of leadership,” which explains “why we have a Supreme Court and many federal district courts that really don’t care about what the true definition of marriage is and have decided that they’re going to rewrite the rules with regards to marriage.”

“What’s next?” he asked. “Are we just going to head into the abyss of moral and spiritual and cultural relativism in which nothing matters but who has the might, power, the influence to make something happen, to make it acceptable, that there is no ultimate right and wrong, no absolutes? Is that where we’re going? It seems to be. We’re coming to a time where we’re going to have to stand up against it even if it means civil disobedience, even if it means going to jail.”

Jackson also criticized President Obama, who Jackson believes is an “evil presence” and most likely a Muslim, for being “so quick to condemn our country, so quick to condemn Christianity and so dead-set on defending Islam, no matter what, defend Islam.”

Yeah, that guy is so quick to condemn our country full of immoral gay perverts that don’t believe in right and wrong and are doomed to be destroyed by God! How dare that guy! As always, David Cross nailed this perfectly:


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