Gaffney: The Pope and Obama are Stalin-Loving Commies

Gaffney: The Pope and Obama are Stalin-Loving Commies February 20, 2015

Frank Gaffney, an absolutely deranged anti-Muslim bigot, has a radio show. Unsurprisingly, he regularly spouts some of the most hyperbolic nonsense imaginable from the right-wing boogeyman playbook. On a show this week he said that the Pope and Obama are making Stalin really happy and trying to revive the old Soviet Union.

After Kincaid railed against the pope for acknowledging the science behind climate change and playing a role in the normalization of diplomatic relations between the U.S. and Cuba, Gaffney said that the pope’s “leftist, if not downright Marxist direction might have gladdened Joseph Stalin’s heart.”

Gaffney, who just led a conference featuring likely Republican presidential candidates Ted Cruz and Bobby Jindal, also spoke with Kincaid about how, in Kincaid’s words, the Pope is “sounding much like Obama” with his “socialist nonsense.”

Kincaid alleged that President Obama and Pope Francis are both working together to restore the Soviet Union: “It looks like Pope Francis is working with Obama to reconstitute the old Soviet empire.”

Stalin! Commies! Muslims! Dogs and cats, living together! All that’s missing is a fetus. Whatever it takes to get the rubes all fired up, you know.

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