Staver: Obama Causing God to Curse America

Staver: Obama Causing God to Curse America February 20, 2015

Mat Staver, the dumbest lawyer in America not named Larry Klayman, says that American values “came out of Israel” and that because Obama is not supportive of Israel (by which he means not supportive of the right-wing thug currently running that country), God is now “cursing” America.

“Our Judeo-Christian history connects us together, connects us to Israel and the Jewish people,” Staver said. “That’s where our Judeo-Christian history was born and birthed. That’s how Western Civilization was shaped, because of the Bible and the values that came out of Israel. And this president is doing everything he can to walk away from Israel.”

“You know, Genesis 12 says ‘I will bless those who bless you,’ referring to the offspring of Abraham, which is Israel, ‘and I will curse them who curse you,'” he continued. “The president is bringing curses upon America by ultimately walking away from Israel. I think that it is dangerous to not respect and protect our best ally.”

I picture God sitting in heaven with a boiling cauldron, casting spells and curses. Or poking pins into an Obama voodoo doll. As for this “Judeo-Christian” nonsense phrase, it’s particularly funny to me when it’s used in discussing “American values” and the Constitution. There were only a few thousand Jews in the entire country at the time and the Christian churches were almost uniformly bigoted against them. Christian pastors railed against the No Religious Test clause in the Constitution because it meant a Jew could be elected to office and then, one suggested, the army might be put to work rebuilding the temple in Jerusalem. There is no more absurd phrase than “Judeo-Christian.”

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