Texas Joins Oklahoma on AP History Class

Texas Joins Oklahoma on AP History Class February 20, 2015

The Red River may separate Texas from Oklahoma, but apparently stupidity swims well enough to bridge the divide. The Texas Board of Education, a wretched hive of scum and wingnuttery, is joining the Oklahoma legislature in trying to get rid of the AP history class in their public schools.

Amid uproar in conservative circles about perceived anti-American bias in the new Advanced Placement U.S. History course and exam, Texas on Wednesday moved to require its high school students to learn only state-mandated curriculum — not be taught to the national test.

The Board of Education approved a measure declaring that the history curriculum its members set trumps that covered by the AP history course created for classrooms nationwide. That class concludes with an exam that can earn college credit for students who score high enough.

The board must still take a final vote, but the measure’s content isn’t expected to change.

The controversy stems from the recent overhaul of the AP test, administered by the New Jersey-based College Board, that was meant to de-emphasize memorization. The new exam will be given for the first time in May and includes a lengthy framework to help teachers better-prepare students for the requirements.

Conservative activists, though, have decried the new course, the teachers’ framework and even the exam itself as rife with liberal themes and focusing on the negative aspects of U.S. history. Some have even likened it to “mind control” engineered by the federal government.

Yes, of course they have. Then again, what don’t they liken to mind control by the federal government? Here’s an idea: They should give the AP history exam to every member of the Texas Board of Education and every member of the Oklahoma legislature. Anyone who can’t get at least a C on the exam doesn’t get to vote on anything involving the history curriculum ever again.

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