Fox News Declares War on AP History Classes

Fox News Declares War on AP History Classes February 21, 2015

Folks, we clearly are witnessing the launch of a whole new right wing faux controversy. As Oklahoma and Texas appear ready to eliminate AP history classes in their schools, Fox News is now jumping on the bandwagon too. Andrea Tantaros cranked up her barely functioning brain stem and got all kinds of huffy about it.

Fox News host Andrea Tantaros on Thursday suggested that high school advanced placement (AP) history courses — and in fact, the entire Department of Education — should be cut because children were being taught “meaningless liberal crap.”

Earlier this week, Republicans on Oklahoma’s House Common Education Committee pushed through a bill that would slash funding for AP history courses. Conservative lawmakers argued that the current curriculum, which is required by the College Board, exposed too many of the county’s flaws — like slavery and the treatment of Native Americans.

“We don’t want our tax dollars going to a test that undermines our history,” GOP state Rep. Dan Fisher told the committee.

And by “meaningless liberal crap,” of course, she means things like facts and reality. All that’s left is for Rush Limbaugh to claim that AP history causes girls to become birth control-using sluts, Sean Hannity to claim that they were teaching the course in Benghazi and Glenn Beck to point out how he predicted this all years ago and we’ll have full-blown brouhaha on our hands.

“There really shouldn’t be public schools,” Fox News host Kennedy Montgomery opined on Thursday’s edition of Outnumbered. “I mean, we should really go to a system where parents of every stripe have a choice, have a say in the kind of education their kids get. Because when we have centralized bureaucratic education doctrines and dogmas like this, that’s exactly what happens.”

And let’s face it, she would know. After all, she is a former MTV Veejay.

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