Jackson and Wiles Have a Bonding Session

Jackson and Wiles Have a Bonding Session February 21, 2015

No, not a bondage session, a bonding session. E.W. Jackson, failed Virginia lt. governor candidate, went on the air with Rick Wiles and they bonded over their mutual belief that President Obama is either a secret Muslim or mentally ill and is definitely trying to destroy America.

Far-right radio host Rick Wiles invited Republican politician E.W. Jackson onto “Trunews” yesterday to discuss whether, in Wiles’ words, President Obama “has a diabolical plan to transform America into an Islamic nation or is mentally ill.”

“Maybe there’s a juxtaposition between those two,” Jackson responded. “His behavior almost suggests a kind of delusion…. I don’t know if he’s mentally ill but I do know he does not think like most Americans think.”

Yes, that must be why a majority elected and reelected him.

While Jackson couldn’t say one way or the other if the president is mentally ill or a secret Islamist, he claimed that he knows for a fact that Obama speaks Arabic because he “heard” that once: “Apparently he speaks Arabic, at least that’s what I have heard, that he does speak Arabic.”

He speaks another language??? One that is important if we are to understand what’s going on in the Middle East? Now that is just dangerously close to being educated and we can’t have that. Education is a tool of the devil and Real Americans only speak American, dammit!

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