Yoho: We Can’t Fight ISIS Without God

Yoho: We Can’t Fight ISIS Without God February 21, 2015

Rep. Ted Yoho of Florida is valiantly trying to prove he belongs in the first rank of congressional dingbats alongside luminaries like Steve King and Louis Gohmert. He told J.D. Hayworth of Newsmax that ISIS is fighting for their God, so we have to fight for ours too.

Yoho told host J.D. Hayworth and fellow guest Michael Flanagan, both former GOP congressman: “Congressman Flanagan said we’ve got to get God back into a lot of these principles in our country that we were founded on, and I agree. We’re taking God out of this country, they’re fighting for their God, and all I can say is the person who has God on their side is going to win this. And I think we all need to huddle around and get back to some basics in this country.”

I know, right? I mean, they’ve got a big, vicious God on their side so we have to have an even bigger and more vicious God on our side. You don’t take a knife to a gun fight and you don’t put a poodle god into the ring to fight a pitbull god. Have we learned nothing from Michael Vick?


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