How Beck is Always Right In His Predictions

How Beck is Always Right In His Predictions February 22, 2015

Glenn Beck just loves to tell us how he prophecied everything that happens. If only we’d listened to him, we would have seen this all coming and so we should listen to him now when he tells us that it’s the END OF THE WORLD. Like most apocalyptic preachers, though, he just keeps changing the story to fit current events.

“We are in World War III,” Beck said. “It just hasn’t caught up yet. We’re here!”

“I told you last year, ‘And so it begins,'” he continued. “I have a growing sense of surety that what I believe is here, is indeed here … We are indeed setting the stage for global war and this is beginning of sorrows … This is the beginning of sorrows. I’m telling you, we don’t understand what is coming yet. We don’t see.”

“The gloves are about to come off on the entire world,” Beck warned. “God help us, we may see nuclear impacts on the face of the earth in our lifetime … The gloves are about to come off and this is the beginning of sorrows.”

But this is entirely different from the theory he was pushing 18 months ago about what was causing WWIII. Then it was all about America going to war with Russia and China. Now it’s all about ISIS. This is how apocalyptic preachers keep the con going, with an ever-changing scenario for the end of the world.


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