Wyoming Committee Boots Out Obnoxious Member

Wyoming Committee Boots Out Obnoxious Member February 23, 2015

A committee in the Wyoming House of Representatives kicked one of its members out of a meeting during which they voted to advance a bill to provide anti-discrimination protection for LGBT people. Why? Because the guy was being incredibly obnoxious about the whole thing.

A House of Representatives committee passed a bill that would protect gay and transgender people from discrimination in Wyoming, but not before ejecting a representative from the meeting.

Senate File 115 would add “sexual orientation or gender identity” to existing laws that protect people from discrimination based on race, religion, age and other protected classes. The bill had previously passed the Senate and now moves to the House floor for debate.

Rep. Harlan Edmonds, R-Cheyenne, was kicked out of the House Labor, Health and Social Services meeting Friday, after proposing an amendment to the bill that would make it effective when “hell freezes over,” instead of the date of July 1.

Committee Chairwoman Rep. Elaine Harvey, R-Lovell, had started the Friday afternoon meeting insisting people would remain civil. She told Edmonds to leave after his comment, which followed a more than two-hour discussion in which he also asked the bill’s supporters why pedophilia wasn’t in the bill.

“We said civility would prevail,” Harvey said.

This is exactly the sort of thing I can see Gordon Klingenschmitt doing in the Colorado legislature. When you elect assholes to office, you can’t be surprised when they behave like assholes.

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