Beck: I Love America, Obama Doesn’t

Beck: I Love America, Obama Doesn’t February 24, 2015

Glenn Beck is jumping on the right wing’s outrage du jour, the claim that President Obama doesn’t “love America” (whatever the fuck that could possibly mean). He agrees with Rudy Giuliani that Obama doesn’t have a “deep, stirring love” of America like Glenn himself does.

“I differ from Rudy Giuliani,” Beck said. “I don’t think that [Obama] can love America the way we love America because of his upbringing … I don’t think he loves America. I think he likes America.”

Beck went on to argue that Obama loves America in the same way that Beck “loves” Great Britain, by which he meant that while he likes Great Britain, he does not “have that deep, stirring love” for it that he does for America.

“I have a deep love for the heritage of this nation,” Beck said. “This president doesn’t have that deep love of the heritage of our nation.”

No Glenn, you don’t love America. I’m sure you think you, but you’re confusing the kind of puling sentimentality that you seem to generate at will for love. This is hyper-emotional nonsense turned into a marketing slogan and a way to paint a political opponent as the enemy.


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