Rios: Obama is an Atheist Who Loves Islam

Rios: Obama is an Atheist Who Loves Islam February 24, 2015

The Christian right has long had a problem deciding what Obama really is religiously. Is he a radical leftist Christian, as they claimed in 2008 when Rev. Wright was getting all that attention? Is he a Muslim? Or is he an atheist and secularist? Sandy Rios appears to have solved the dilemma:

“I don’t think that Barack Obama is a Muslim. I think he has strong Muslim sympathies because he’s been raised in that culture,” she said on her radio program today, adding that Obama is a Marxist who “doesn’t really believe in God but loves the Muslim culture.”

She insisted that the president has “actually written about in his book that if there was ever some kind of conflict, he will always come down on the side of Islam.”

Rios is actually citing a fake quote that was widely circulated on the Internet but was not actually in Obama’s book “Dreams From My Father.” This, of course, isn’t the first time that Rios has used a fictitious chain email or fabricated remark and reported it as true…in fact, she has cited this very same quote to claim that Obama’s “sympathies are most definitely with Islam.”

In the proud tradition of Humpty Dumpty, reality is whatever she declares it to be, even if she has to invent false evidence to support it.

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