Staver Reveals the Real Reason for Opposing Equality

Staver Reveals the Real Reason for Opposing Equality February 24, 2015

Mat Staver, the dumbest lawyer in America not named Larry Klayman, inadvertently revealed what I think is one of the core reasons — the real reasons, not the pretexts — why he and others are so virulently opposed to same-sex marriage: They’re afraid it will turn their kids gay.

Marriage equality, he said on the conservative radio show “Point of View,” might even lure children into homosexuality.

“It also changes everything in the school when they begin to learn not just about same-sex relationships, but about same-sex activities,” Staver said. “They ultimately get encouraged to pursue this kind of lifestyle. They have gender confusion when young boys naturally are gravitating towards one another and young girls towards one another, if you now inject the same-sex sexual activity into the school curriculum, it will suggest to them and ultimately push them on a road of experimentation where they might engaged in same-sex activity.”

Along with their religious beliefs and EWWWWW, I think this is one of the three real reasons for opposition to marriage equality. These people really do believe that being gay is so incredibly alluring, such a powerful temptation, that if you treat gay people as human beings with equal rights, their children will find it impossible to resist. If they don’t punish gay people at every opportunity through discrimination and dehumanization, they’re afraid their sons will immediately drop to their knees and fellate the first man they see. And the thought of one their children being gay is absolutely terrifying to them.

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