Idaho Republican Thinks Parents Can Kill Their Children

Idaho Republican Thinks Parents Can Kill Their Children February 25, 2015

What the hell is it with Idaho Republicans? First we have the guy who thinks swallowed pills go to the vagina, now we’ve got another Republican state legislator literally endorsing the right of parents to murder their kids. This was said in opposition to a bill that would require parents to provide medical care to their children rather than faith healing when their life is threatened:

An Idaho Republican said a proposed ban on faith-healing could violate the religious rights of her constituents – many of whom eschew medical care for themselves and their families.

“They have a clear understanding of what the role of government should be – (and it) isn’t how to tell me how to live my life,” said state Rep. Christy Perry (R-Nampa).

Legislation limiting a faith exemption for medical care in the state’s child neglect law was proposed after a string of preventable child deaths in Marsing among members of the Followers of Christ Church…

“Children do die,” Perry said. “I’m not trying to sound callous, but (reformers) want to act as if death is an anomaly. But it’s not — it’s a way of life.”

The lawmaker said most of the calls for reform she’s received have come from out of state.

“As you move out West, we tend to be much more independent people, and Idaho is a lot like that,” Perry said, adding that her district was particularly anti-government.

“(Followers of Christ) do not look to the government to help them at all,” she continued. “They’re very self-sufficient and know how to take care of themselves. In Canyon County, people hunt to feed their families, they fish, (and) they grow their own food.”

Perry said faith healers are caring parents who simply trust in God’s will.

“They are comforted by the fact that they know their child is in heaven,” Perry said. “If I want to let my child be with God, why is that wrong?”

Are you fucking kidding me? By that “reasoning” a parent could kill their child outright because they want to “let their child be with God” so “why is that wrong?” And can you imagine that this idiot’s response would be if a woman seeking an abortion made that argument? It doesn’t apply to fetuses, only to actual children.

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