Diaz: Gay Marriage Means the ‘Criminalization of Christianity’

Diaz: Gay Marriage Means the ‘Criminalization of Christianity’ February 26, 2015

Mario Diaz, the legal counsel for the Christian right group Concerned Women for America, was on the radio show of Tamara Scott, a Republican National Committee member, and said that if the Supreme Court strikes down state bans on same-sex marriage, that will mean the criminalization of Christianity.

Scott, who is also a Republican National Committee member, told Diaz that LGBT rights advocates, “the group that exploits the term ‘tolerant’ as their poster,” are actually “so incredibly intolerant to anyone with an opposing view.”

Diaz agreed that a collision between LGBT rights and religious liberty is “inevitable,” and that a Supreme Court marriage equality victory would lead to the “criminalization of religious beliefs.”

“And it is one of the great tragedies that I think I put now at the feet of the Supreme Court, if they are considering finding a constitutional right to same-sex marriage in the Constitution, they must consider, and I hope they are, that they will be effectively opening the door for the criminalization of religious beliefs, especially Christian beliefs.”

I know, right? Just like striking down state laws against interracial marriage opened the door to the criminalization of Christianity because of all those Christians who were against miscegenation and could no longer force their beliefs into law. Wait, that didn’t happen at all. Fascinating.

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