The Peter is Quite Upset About LGBT Rights Envoy

The Peter is Quite Upset About LGBT Rights Envoy February 26, 2015

When it was announced that the Obama administration was going to name a special envoy for LGBT rights, I knew that we would be treated to some serious outrage from the anti-gay bigots. Peter LaBarbera of Americans for Truth About Homosexuality does not disappoint in this sputtering rant:

Folks, if we’ve learned anything from Barack Obama, it’s that there are no limits to his pandering to the homosexual and transgender activist movement. This latest development described by my Brazilian friend Julio Severo is an insult to the majority of nations around the world that choose not to celebrate the Sin of Sodom like so many liberal Americans–note I did not say all Americans–do.

Where is the Special U.S. Envoy for Adultery? Fornication? Pornography? Abortion? I’d better be careful: I don’t want to give the Obama bureaucracy any ideas. This is neo-imperialism at its worst–rather than being a force for good in the world, America is now using its money and power to advocate for sexual immorality and gender rebellion across the globe–as we re-define “human rights” to accommodate destructive yet changeable behaviors.

If the Democrats are defeated in 2016, I would hope that the next administration will reverse actions like this, but that is far from certain to happen given the Republicans’ craven timidity on this issue. The Shining City on a Hill which Reagan invoked has turned into a Smog-covered Slum spreading moral pollution under Obama. And his shame becomes our shame until we, the citizens of this once-great nation, right the wrongs that are being carried out abroad in our name.

Let’s compare. When other nations around the world criminalize Christianity and throw Christians in jail or put them to death for apostasy or blasphemy, Peter no doubt considers that an outrage (and rightly so) and demands that Obama do something about it. But when other nations criminalize homosexuality and imprison or put to death people just for being gay, that’s also an outrage — not because of the violation of human rights but because Obama is trying to do something about that. In fact, that is “neo-imperialism at its worst.” The only difference, of course, is that Peter hates gay people and wants them jailed or killed.

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