TN Considers Bill to Ban Non-Existent ‘No-Go’ Zones

TN Considers Bill to Ban Non-Existent ‘No-Go’ Zones February 26, 2015

From the same people who brought you laws to ban the non-existent threat of Sharia law being enforced in the United States, we now have a bill by a Tennessee legislator that would ban “no-go zones” in that state. Because Tennessee is just teeming with reactionary Muslims beheading Christians, dontchaknow.

There’s no mention of Islam or Muslims in a new state proposal that would allow the Tennessee Attorney General to break up “no-go zones.”

But the charged connotations, and misinformation, associated with that phrase has a local Muslim advocacy group afraid the proposal could incite more anti-Muslim sentiment in Tennessee…

Galloway is referencing one of the bill’s sponsors, Rep. Susan Lynn. The Mt. Juliet Republican proposes defining the concept of a “no-go zone” as “a contiguous geographical area consisting of public space or privately owned public space where community organizing efforts systematically intimidate or exclude the general public or public workers from entering or being present within the area.”

Lynn said Galloway’s statements are inaccurate. She argues her bill doesn’t necessarily have anything to do with Muslims. She said banning such zones will combat systemic problems and protect commerce.

“You might find it with gang activity, you might find it with organized crime, and of course we have heard that there were some places where it is happening with certain religious groups,” Lynn said.

Oh well, if you’re “heard” that, it must be true and it must be a serious problem in Tennessee that must be addressed. Seriously, can we please stop electing stupid people to office? Pretty please?

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