British Legislator: Astrology Could Help Diagnose Illness

British Legislator: Astrology Could Help Diagnose Illness February 27, 2015

Turns out the United States isn’t the only country that elects ignorant halfwits to their lawmaking bodies. A member of the British Parliament is arguing that the National Health Service should use astrology to help diagnose illness in patients.

A Tory MP has claimed NHS over-crowding could be solved by doctors using astrology to treat patients.

David Tredinnick said consulting the stars would “take huge pressure off doctors” and predicts astrology will “have a role to play in healthcare.”…

In an interview with this month’s Astrological Journal, the controversial MP said: “There would be a huge row over resources.

“However, I do believe that astrology and complementary medicine would help take the huge pressure off doctors.

“Astrology is a useful diagnostic tool enabling us to see strengths and weaknesses via the birth chart.

“And, yes, I have helped fellow MPs. I do foresee that one day astrology will have a role to play in healthcare.”

He added that opponents to astrology were “bullies”, saying: “Astrology offers self-understanding to people.

“People who oppose what I say are usually bullies who have never studied astrology.

“They never look at it. They are absolutely dismissive. Astrology may not be capable of passing double-blind tests but it is based on thousands of years of observation.

Oi vey.

Tredinnick, who was born under the Capricorn star sign, claims his own astrological chart suggests he was destined to be a “servant of the people.”

He said: “I have a strong 6th house which suggests an emphasis on being a servant of the people – and this is quite a strong indication of health and healing. My Moon-Venus-Jupiter planets (in Aquarius) sit opposite Pluto in the 12th house.”

This is the dawning of the age of anignoramus.

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