Gaffney: Muslim Congressman Might Give Info to Terrorists!

Gaffney: Muslim Congressman Might Give Info to Terrorists! February 27, 2015

Deranged bigot Frank Gaffney is losing his mind over a Muslim congressman on the House Intelligence Committee, saying that he should be removed because if he gets his hands on classified information he might share it with the Muslim Brotherhood to help build a global Muslim caliphate.

A Washington-based think tank focused on national security has released a dossier on Muslim U.S. Rep. Andre Carson, D-Ind., charging his association with radical Islamic groups warrants his removal from the House Intelligence Committee.

The Center for Security Policy, in its report, called for a “rigorous assessment of the potential risks associated with Rep. Carson’s vulnerabilities to recruitment, blackmail or suborning.”

CSP President Frank Gaffney served as deputy assistant secretary of defense for nuclear forces and arms-control policy during the 1980s and later was a staff member for the Senate Armed Services Committee. He explained why Carson should be removed from the committee.

“Since there are, at the moment, few topics more in need of assiduous oversight by the Congress – even if there were no actual risk of compromise of national security secrets or Muslim Brotherhood influence operations associated with Rep. Carson’s presence on the House Intelligence Committee – the potential impediment he may constitute to such work demands his removal from this panel.”…

Gaffney said it is “wholly unacceptable to have as a member of a key congressional committee charged with overseeing U.S. intelligence and counterintelligence an individual with extensive personal and political associations with the Muslim Brotherhood’s civilization jihadist infrastructure in America.”

“At a minimum, Rep. Andre Carson’s presence on the House Intelligence Committee will necessitate restrictions on his access to classified information about the presence and operations in this country of what amounts to a subversive Islamist Fifth Column and his participation in the panel’s deliberations concerning how it can best be countered.”

The report said Pelosi’s decision to name Carson to the panel “raises deep concerns from a national security perspective.”

“Particularly alarming is Rep. Carson’s long history of associating with organizations known to be front groups for the Muslim Brotherhood, which has as a goal the establishment of a worldwide Muslim caliphate,” the report said.

I know, right? I felt the same way about Ron Paul, who openly associates with Christian Reconstructionists like Michael Peroutka and Gary North (his former chief of staff and now the director of curriculum for his “Ron Paul Curriculum” project) who want to establish a Christian theocracy that would mirror the religious barbarism of a Muslim caliphate.

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