The EPA Chief Goes to Congress

The EPA Chief Goes to Congress February 27, 2015

Gina McCarthy, the director of the EPA, appeared before a House committee full of Republican know-nothings with wallets made fat by the oil and gas industry and somehow managed not to scream “you’re all a bunch of fucking idiots” as they peppered her with inane questions and indecipherable diatribes.

Rep. Joe Barton, a Texas Republican and former chairman of the committee who is so close with the oil industry that he apologized to BP’s CEO for the government daring to fine the company for the disastrous Deepwater Horizon oil spill, started off by telling McCarthy: “I could really have some fun with you, but you’re too nice a person.” He proceeded to have fun with her anyway, repeatedly demanding to know whether she had seen any actual signed documents from the president’s agreement with the Chinese government to limit carbon emissions. His staff, he said, had told him that no such documents actually existed, an omission that he cast in conspiratorial tones. “If it’s a signed agreement, let’s see it,” he said. “You don’t just stand up and say, ‘We have this agreement’ and hug. What you have is a press release, a photo op.” McCarthy said that as she understood it, the agreement was a serious one at “the highest levels of both countries … expressing both of their commitments to this goal,” regardless of whatever paperwork was signed. That didn’t satisfy Barton. “I can take you over to the National Archives and show you the signed Declaration of Independence. I can show you lots of documents that have signatures on them,” he said. “You and I can agree that I’m not going to go out and rob a bank. You can agree that you’re not going to rob a bank. We can both hold a press conference: ‘We’ve agreed that we’re not going to rob a bank.’ ”

That’s a sitting congressman who said that, for crying out loud.

2. Rep. David McKinley of West Virginia told McCarthy that she was, effectively, responsible for an epidemic of mental illness. “I keep seeing the EPA putting in another regulation on top of another regulation,” he said. “What it’s led, by these overregulation in rural America, it’s led to people, their well-being, their mental health, is all being affected by it. I think we’re having some depression in areas around the county because of the threats of regulation and what it’s doing to jobs … I really believe it’s directly attributed to the regulatory body with it (sic).”…

In case you wondered, McKinley doesn’t believe in man-made climate change. “You continue to issue more regulations even though the models say it doesn’t work with it,” he told McCarthy. “You have a model that says how [carbon dioxide] impacts the temperatures around the globe. We know from the standards that that doesn’t work.”

Anyone have any idea what the fuck he’s babbling about? Because he certainly doesn’t.

Even the more cordial of the questioners made clear that they, too, weren’t buying this whole anthropogenic climate change thing. Rep. Steve Scalise of Louisiana, the third-ranking Republican in the House, told McCarthy, “I know the president loves talking about global warming—and they’re canceling flights all around the country due to snow blizzards.”

What are you complaining about, Rep. Scalise? The snow makes it white, just the way you like it. Seriously, this is why I could never be a politician or someone answerable to politicians. I have no patience for such idiocy. I’d want to ask Joe Barton who he fucked to get his job, but the answer is obvious: The entire country.

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