CPAC Shows Us How to Journalist

CPAC Shows Us How to Journalist February 28, 2015

If there’s one thing CPAC can teach us, it’s how to do the kind of hard-hitting journalism that Fox News is known for. The conservative wankfest included partisan hack Sean Hannity doing a sit-down interview with Ted Cruz and asking him tough questions like this:

After Sen. Ted Cruz’s speech at CPAC today, Sean Hannity came out to interview him, asking him such hardball questions as “Why does Ted Cruz love America?”

He followed that up with, “How did you get to be so dreamy?” Then fellow Fox talking head Laura Ingraham interviewed Chris Christie and lobbed this softball at him:

“How do you survive this onslaught day in and day out?” Ingraham asked.

Christie responded that the “elite folks from the media” don’t like the fact that he decided to “take on a lot of these special interests frontally, that they support.” “They just want to kill you,” Christie said. “That’s what they try to do to me every day.”

Is there anything more absurd than a hugely powerful political figure with close ties to the richest people in the country calling other people “elites”? It’s pandering to the inane grievances of the dumbest people in the country. Christie also said he doesn’t read the New York Times, which separates him from Sarah Palin, who reads “whatever newspapers they put in front of me.”

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