Jackson: SPLC is Just Like Slaveholders

Jackson: SPLC is Just Like Slaveholders February 28, 2015

E.W. Jackson, an ignorant and dangerous right wing extremist, is defending his fellow ignorant and dangerous right-wing extremist, Ben Carson, and launching a ridiculous attack on the Southern Poverty Law Center for daring to have listed him, for a couple days, as an extremist:

Bishop E.W. Jackson, the Religious Right activist and one-time GOP nominee for lieutenant governor of Virginia, was in Washington yesterday for a “racial reconciliation” rally he organized last night, and took the opportunity to hold a press conference at the National Press Club attacking the Southern Poverty Law Center for briefly listing Ben Carson in its “extremist files.”…

But Jackson told the National Press Club audience that SPLC had criticized Carson simply for opposing marriage equality, which Jackson said “is a violation of his and potentially all of our religious liberty.”

He went on to declare that SPLC’s criticism of Carson was “no different than what maybe slave masters or segregationists would have said.”

“When an organization like the Southern Poverty Law Center decides that a black man that doesn’t agree with them can be slandered the way they’ve slandered him, what it tells me is that there’s a certain level of racism that they are operating under while they are trying to point the finger at others,” he said. “And I say that for this reason: To me, this is no different than what maybe slave masters or segregationists would have said. You know, ‘Some black people are okay as long as they do what we expect them to do and they think the way we expect them to think.’ In other words, they’re the ‘good ones.’ So apparently, if you’re not one of the ‘good ones,’ then we’re going to try to destroy you. And to me, that is racism at its worst.”

Oh bullshit. If a man who says that the Affordable Care Act is the worst thing to happen to the country since slavery and that Obama is turning America into Nazi Germany is not an extremist, why do we even have that word in our language? And anyone who claims that being called an extremist is a threat to their religious liberty is too stupid to take seriously. Frankly, I think it’s absurd that the SPLC reversed themselves and took Carson off their list. He IS a far-right extremist and he would be one even if he were purple with pink polkadots.

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