Beck Goes Apeshit Over Net Neutrality Decision

Beck Goes Apeshit Over Net Neutrality Decision March 1, 2015

After the FCC voted to uphold net neutrality this week, Glenn Beck, who has said that if that happened the country deserves to be destroyed by God, absolutely lost his shit on his show. He yelled at those who support net neutrality, calling them morons and useful idiots. Because, ya know, commies.

Today, the FCC approved those regulations and Beck is predictably livid, fuming on his radio program today that the people who supported net neutrality are nothing but “morons” and “useful idiots.”

“You morons! You useful idiots! That’s all you are. You’re a useful idiot. Read Joe Stalin. You moron!” Beck bellowed. “You know why it’s happening? It’s happening because our elite institutions, our education, our higher learning … bullcrap, not even our higher learning, our entire educational system has failed us and they are churning out morons!”

That’s particularly funny given that he is absolutely, incontrovertibly wrong about net neutrality.


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