Farah: Scientists are the New Priests

Farah: Scientists are the New Priests March 1, 2015

Joseph Farah fired up his computer and wrote yet another profoundly ridiculous column, this time claiming that because scientists dare to say that a given explanation is true that he thinks is false, they have now turned into the priests who persecuted Galileo.

Why am I proclaiming the death of National Geographic?

Because of its latest cover story: “The War on Science: Climate Change Does not Exist, Evolution Never Happened, The Moon Landing Was a Fake, Vaccinations Can Lead to Autism, Genetically Modified Food Is Evil.”

Sadly, I don’t have the time or space to refute and rebut every aspect of this full-throated endorsement of modern “science” as the new priesthood, whose conclusions are questioned at the threat of excommunication, not to mention humiliation in rational circles.

In short, if you doubt any conclusions of the modern scientific establishment, you’re not only a rube, but you are dangerous.

Apparently, in the 20th or 21st centuries, “science” finally worked out all the bugs of the past and is now certain about all the big and little questions of life. There are no more mysteries. There is no more ambiguity. There are no more unknowns.

That is a lovely straw man you’re burning at the stake there, Joe. That is, of course, not what is being argued at all. What is being argued is that on issues like global warming, evolution and vaccines, the evidence is so overwhelming that only an ignoramus would question them. And since you are, in fact, an ignoramus who questions those claims without any evidence to back up your position, you’re proving them right. Nice work!

I don’t know about the moon landing, but I do know that the kind of man-made, catastrophic climate change the scientific-government complex is selling is a total hoax – a not-so-clever ruse to sell doom-and-gloom for more control of the people and their purses.

Yes, of course you know that. I’m sure you spend your days pouring over climatology journals, reviewing the data and showing why those scientists who actually study the question are wrong. It’s just a coincidence that you don’t actually mention any of that evidence or even make a coherent argument for your position, just boldly assert that you know it to be true.

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