Fox News Doctor: Smoking Pot Causes Crack Babies

Fox News Doctor: Smoking Pot Causes Crack Babies March 2, 2015

I can only assume that when Fox News hires a doctor to provide comment on medical matters, they go out and find bottom of the class graduates from Billy Bob’s Med School and Bait Shop. A member of their “Medical A Team” says that those virtually non-existent “crack babies” are caused by pregnant women smoking pot.

Fox News Medical A-Team member Dr. David Samadi asserted over the weekend that “crack babies” were caused by women “smoking this whole marijuana business.”

On the Saturday edition of Fox & Friends, host Clayton Morris reported that a recent study published in Scientific Reports found that marijuana was less dangerous than any other common recreational drug, including alcohol and cigarettes…

“It actually causes heart attacks,” he added. “It increases your heart rate. And on and on.”

“We’re seeing in Colorado that we had 13 kids that came to the emergency [room] and ended up in the ICU as a result of overdose from marijuana,” Samadi said. “Now we have crack babies coming in because pregnant women are smoking this whole marijuana business.”

Oh yes, the hospitals are filling up with “crack babies” caused by smoking pot. There’s so many of them that it’s like the Canadian health care system, people are dropping dead because they can’t get an appointment with a doctor because of all those damn crack babies.

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