Trump Explains How He Would Fight ISIS

Trump Explains How He Would Fight ISIS March 3, 2015

Donald Trump, still pretending that he might actually run for president (and I really hope he does), appeared at CPAC, the only group of people who can still listen to him without giggling. And he offered his vision for how he would fight ISIS, with absolutely no substance whatsoever.

In addition to “taking back jobs from China” and “making America rich again,” Trump revealed his very serious solution for dealing with ISIS: “Hit them so hard and so fast that they wouldn’t know what happened.”

“Nobody, if I decide to run and win,” said Trump, “nobody would be tougher [on ISIS] than Donald Trump. Nobody.”

Trump said he would find some amazing general in the military and put them in charge with instructions that “you gotta hit ’em hard, you gotta hit ’em firm and you can’t play games. You gotta go hard and fast and firm.”

That’s it? Hard and fast and firm? What about strong? And relentless? Come on Donald, get out your thesaurus, or hire someone else to get it out, and offer a bunch of other macho-sounding words without actually saying anything of substance at all.


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