Barton: God Will Not Allow An AIDS Vaccine

Barton: God Will Not Allow An AIDS Vaccine March 4, 2015

David Barton is always discovering these nuggets in the Bible and extrapolating them to apply them to modern situations, often to hilarious effect. But here’s a testable claim. He thinks the Bible says that we will never have an AIDS vaccine because AIDS is punishment on gay people.

Citing Romans 1, which declares that “men did shameful things with other men, and as a result of this sin, they suffered within themselves the penalty they deserved,” Barton said that God will never allow a cure to be found for AIDS because that would eliminate the “penalty” that is due for engaging in such behavior.

“Anything the Bible says is right, there is scientific basis for it now,” Barton said. “The federal government, in the last several years, has spent tens of billions of dollars looking for a vaccine for AIDS and I don’t think they will ever find a vaccine for HIV/AIDS. And I say that based on a particular Bible verse … Notice this, homosexuals receive in their bodies the penalty due them. The Bible says if you engage in homosexuality, your body will do things that will penalize you. So if you can have a vaccine for AIDS, then you’re keeping your body from penalizing you. I don’t think they’ll ever find a vaccine for AIDS.”

A few questions come to mind:

1. So why did God allow us to develop anti-retroviral drugs and treatments like Truvada that are incredibly effective at preventing the spread of HIV and helping those who do get infected to live long and healthier lives?

2. Why doesn’t this apply to women? Lesbians have the lowest incidence of HIV infection of any group, but that’s homosexuality too. So why aren’t their bodies penalizing them for their terrible sin? Maybe because even God likes a little hot girl-on-girl action?

3. When we do create a vaccine for HIV, and we’re getting closer and closer to doing so, you’ll be publicly admitting that the Bible was wrong and leaving Christianity, right? Right?

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