Grindr Lights Up at CPAC

Grindr Lights Up at CPAC March 4, 2015

CPAC may have banned the Log Cabin Republicans from sponsoring their conference, but that doesn’t mean there was any shortage of gay people at the event. sent a reporter there armed with a Grindr app and got lots of hits at the Gaylord National Resort, where it was held.

Reason.TV wanted to know, so they sent reporter Paul Detrick to the Gaylord National Resort in D.C. to seek out homosexual men with a tried-and-true method: Grindr.

Armed with an iPad, Detrick found a number of same-sex-attracted Republicans at the conference, and asked them what the hell they were doing there (politely, of course).

One unnamed interviewee admitted CPAC was behind the times, “because in order for conservatives to win an election, they’re going to need to get younger voters. To do that they need to start being more socially liberal—essentially they need to shift libertarian.”

Of course that guy was wearing a Ben Carson sticker, so take that with a grain of salt.

He was wearing a Ben Carson sticker. Ben Carson, the guy who thinks same-sex marriage is part of a communist plot to create the evil New World Order. The guy who compares being gay to bestiality and gay people to NAMBLA. The guy who says that same-sex marriage will destroy America just like it destroyed Rome. A gay man is supporting that guy for president.

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